Take a strategic approach to your investment.

With appropriate financing, your investment can be viewed not as a cost, but as an opportunity to add operational value and deliver to your evolving organizational objectives.


Financing benefits


• Equipment lifecycle management – help manage costs, meet business demands, and avoid obsolescence with flexible migration options and simplified equipment disposal.

• Preserve cash – spread costs over time, preserve credit, and avoid a large cash investment.

• Lower costs – benefit from competitive rates and residual values to reduce TCO and accelerate ROI.

• Alternative source of funds – gain access to funds which frees up your money to work harder for your business.

• One solution with predictable payments – support the technology needs of your business with predictable monthly payments.

An example 0% financing over three years, paying only 90% of the hardware purchase price and 100% of the software and services (maximum 70% of the BoM). At the end of the term, you can return the hardware, refresh the hardware or purchase the hardware for 10% of the original purchase price.

Contact us to discuss your Financing needs.


Contact us to discuss your Financing needs.